Sunday, February 23, 2020

Course work - consumer behaviour Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Course work - consumer behaviour - Essay Example Major portion of their budget is being spent for the same purpose. People today tend to be more selective, alert, enlightened and powerful. The traditional concept of shopping has been effaced and a new slogan emerged â€Å"consumer is the king.† The conventional shops and outlets are at the verge of extinction. This makes the marketers to put their best efforts to categorize consumers according to their response toward the unfamiliar products. According to the studies conducted on the consumer behavior, consumers can be classified in to the following segments like highly dogmatic consumers, inner directed consumers, consumers with high Optimum Stimulation Levels and consumers with high need of cognition. This paper also discusses the various promotional strategies to be employed in the case of consumers who are visualizers versus consumers who are verbalizers. The essay tries to pinpoint the specific consumer traits of each category of consumers with a view to design the most appropriate marketing strategies for each group. The buying behavior of consumers depends upon the individual personality. Many factors can influence the buying behavior of consumers. Culture plays a dominant role as most of the attitude s and beliefs of customers are strongly rooted in their cultural backgrounds. A child as a growing individual is influenced by his/her environment, cultural milieu, parents, siblings and all other right and wrongs that he learns from the elders and the people who come into contact with him/her. These factors are most likely to influence an individual’s purchase conduct too. The economical conditions also have a role in determining the behavior of consumers. Marketing strategies and advertising obviously influence the consumers purchasing performance. Goodwill or brand name of certain products and companies would promote the interests of consumers. Social status of people is yet another important factor that has a

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